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244 Ferndale Road
London, England, SW9
United Kingdom

Coffee by Assembly. Coffee roastery collectively creating forward thinking approaches to coffee and cafe culture. London.

Assembly — Espresso (Espresso - 250g)

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Assembly — Espresso (Espresso - 250g)


Assembly — Espresso (Espresso - 250g)


Mill — Iyela

Region — Mbeya, Tanzania

Altitude — 1900masl    

Farmer — Iyela Smallholders

Varietals — Kent

Process — Washed

The Assembly Espresso, as always, symbolises the process of collective input to identify, respond and fulfil the needs of independent cafes. In this case the 'collective 'brief' hasn't changed - that is,  to create a versatile espresso, expressing clean sweetness with balanced body and mouthfeel.

Iyela Coffee Group is the formation of 194 small scale farmers who have come together to process their cherry at a communal processing site, this is commonly known as a CPU (Central Processing Unit)

At Iyela they are pulping the cherry using a manual pulper that is hooked up to an engine. The parchment is then fermented in tanks and dried on raised beds, during the drying process the parchment is being handpicked by casual labourers and volunteering farmers, to remove all the defects

Illustrated with Katelyn Thomson and Chris Pelekanis.

Flavour Description:
Cacao. Sweet. Creamy.


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