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Ponderosa — Panama Geisha (200g)

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Ponderosa — Panama Geisha (200g)

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Ponderosa — Panama Geisha (200g)


Farm — La Ponderosa

Region —Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama.

Producer — GIlberto Mendez (

Process — Natural

Varietal — Geisha

Altitude — 1600 masl

Although owned by Gilberto Mendez, the Ponderosa lot is primarily farmed and processed by, renowned experts, Ratibor and Tessie Hartmann. 

This is a naturally processed geisha with extraordinary cup quality and consistency resulting from precise processing methods. It was picked at a brix reading of 28 before being placed on drying beds for 3 days and finally being moved to a vertical dehydrator for 21 days to achieve a moisture level of 11%.

The farm is nestled against Volcan Baru. This is tallest mountain in Panama and blockades the farm from weather coming off the Caribbean sea. This unique micro-climate has led to a cup profile which is unmistakably exotic yet unique within the realm of Panamanian Geisha. 

2019 UK Brewer’s Cup Champion, Lewis Maillardet, brewed the Ponderosa in his winning performance and will compete again in Boston, on April 12th, in his bid to bring the World Champion title to the UK. 

Tastes like:
Passionfruit. Toffee Apple. Peach. Red Grape Juice. Cranberry.

Illustrated with:
Lewis Maillardet - Mavam

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