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Coffee by Assembly. Coffee roastery collectively creating forward thinking approaches to coffee and cafe culture. London.

Rwanda — Rugali (200g)

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Rwanda — Rugali (200g)


Rwanda — Rugali (200g)


Producer — Rugali Co-Op.

Region —Nyamasheke, Rwanda

Process — Washed

Varietal — Red Bourbon

Altitude — 1800 masl

The drying conditions at Rugali are ideal for ensuring optimal post pulp drying. Coffee is laid on the drying beds between 12pm and 3pm ensuring maximum exposure to sun during the warmest time of the day, this minimizes the chance of coffee becoming phenolic or over fermented. The coffee is initially laid out very thin; this is to ensure mucilage has maximum exposure to the sun when it is very wet. As the parchment dries, it is heaped into larger piles that give a thermal mass to the coffee while it continues to dry. This enables the moisture content of the parchment to homogenise during drying enabling more even drying results. 

Tastes like:
Blood Orange. Red Currant. Succinct.

Illustrated with:
Claire Wallace

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