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Coffee by Assembly. Coffee roastery collectively creating forward thinking approaches to coffee and cafe culture. London.

Colombia — Alfredo Baos (250g)

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Colombia — Alfredo Baos (250g)

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Colombia — Alfredo Baos (250g)


Farm — Finca Sinai 

Region — Palestina, Huila, Colombia

Altitude — 1700masl    

Producer — Alfredo Baos

Varietals — Caturra

Process — Washed

Alfredo Baos is sort of a community leader for the coffee growers in the area. When Don Alfredo speaks, the neighbours listen. He's been focused on producing high quality coffee for many years, and his coffee has been in the top 10 of Cup of Excellence several times. 

Coffees are picked in 3-4 passes. Meaning the producers/workers pick the more or less ripe cherries in one block. Then they might wait a few weeks until ripe cherries have formed again. Generally, the first and last pass is of lower quality so the optimum cherries from the second and third passes are specifically selected for foreign markets. 

We've illustrated this coffee with Patrik Vilhelmsson of

Flavour Description:
Ripe palm fruits. Rich. Round

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