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Colombia - La Estrella Geisha (250g)

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Colombia - La Estrella Geisha (250g)

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Colombia - La Estrella Geisha (250g)


Farm — La Estrella 

Region —Pijao, Quindio

Producer — Jairo Lopez

Process — Natural

Varietal — Geisha 

Altitude — 1800 masl

Although traditionally processing washed Colombian Geisha varietals, this year, with the assistance of the team from Ruffatti Batlle, Jairo has begun natural processing with astonishing success. 

Cherries are fermented for 30 hours before spending approximately 20 days on raised, covered beds where they are monitored frequently 

Flavour description:
Intense red fruits. Compact. Sweet. 

Illustrated with Monwar Hussain and Immanuel Ashun of Over Under Coffee

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